How Much Does Success Cost?

I guess you would call me an Inspirational writer, meaning I do not pre-write my blogs, but wait and listen everyday until I get the right message to share with our readership the thing they need at the right time in their life. Today I am sharing on the price or cost of Success. One of the best questions you could ever ask is, “How Much Does Success Cost?  In life, we ask about the cost of everything we buy, (except when it comes to my wife and her shoes, she could careless how much they cost…but I sure do!).  Yet rarely do we take the time to find out how much success and our dreams really cost.

Leader WithinSuccess will cost you “Everything You Have In Order to Give You Everything You Want” On your Journey to your Dreams, obstacles, set backs, challenges, disappointments, failures, fears and problems will come in and rain down on you unmercifully and the only thing that will pull you through is a relentless fighting spirit, the proper tools and a caring Mentor.  But the good news is, with these three elements the chains that hold back your Ultimate Dreams will be broken and you will attain that which you seek!

If there was only one bit of advice out of the thousands of things I could share with people, that one bit of advice I would give is…

“If It’s Going To Be

It’s Up To Me!”


Success requires you to face the fact that as adults we have moved from Paternalism to Individualism. Paternalism is what happens between good and loving parents and their children during childhood and adolescences which basically equates to “Father will Provide”.  However, in adulthood life, we move into Individualism which is Personal Responsibility for our results or…”If it’s Going to Be, It’s Up to Me 

I am sorry to be the one to break the harsh news to you but, no one is coming to your rescue, no one is going to fight your battle, and no one is going to create your success.  We all have to face the fact that if “Success is To Be, It’s 100 percent up to Me”.

Trying to live by Paternalism (Father will Provide) into adulthood is one of the main and deadly factors of Failure and disappointments in life, business

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

and relationships. This is also the reason many people get bitter towards God when the Miracle does not come when they expect one.  Thousands of preachers across the globe stand up saying “Give me your offering and God will provide for your every need!” Yes, I believe in giving and do believe God provides for us; however it is not under the principle of Paternalism but Responsibility.  100 years ago, most preachers that proclaim that paternalism message today (that makes them rich) would have eventually got the Ass Whooping of their life from their loving congregation!

Just to set the records straight, less you think I am a heathen, it is very important that we acknowledge a loving heavenly Father that provides for us and for us to develop a deep loving relationship with Him and always maintain a humble spirit of gratitude and appreciation.  God provides for us by giving us the Power to Get Wealth, but it becomes our responsibility to make it happen.  And just for good measure, I am not opposed at all of Preachers getting Rich, they should be rich, only teach people the correct way to get rich (Responsibility, If its going to be, its up to me) and not the false way of Paternalism.

If you go into life and business under the principle of Paternalism “Father will Provide” life will give you the Ass Whooping of your life!  Ok, I guess I stirred up enough bee hives today, I know some folks will be like an angry bee over this blog, yet for others, it will be a message of salvation from a trap of discouragement and disappointment, and for that reason, I will keep writing on!

One of the wealthiest men on earth was asked what it takes to be Successful.  He said it only takes two things;

  1. Decide on what you want
  2. Be willing to pay the price to get it 

How simple is that!  Do you know what you want and are you willing to pay the price to get it?  It is all up to you because…”If its to Be, Its up to Me”.

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Thank you for spending time with us today, we know your time is valuable and time is the only resource we cannot ever replace once its spent and that is why we strive everyday to bring you information that will make you think, laugh, maybe pass some gas, but most of all, Inspire you to be the best you can be and that includes your ability to produce value and earn money…lots of it!

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Until tomorrow as Zoro would say, keep safe, strong and prosperous!

Don and Melinda

P.S. I have no clue if Zoro ever said those words, it just sounded good to me…

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