My Orange Socks

If you can figure out a way to give people what they want, you will become very rich.  Most people want long-term success, but are only willing to pay for things that bring instant gratification.

I love what my mentor Bob Proctors says; Tell me what you want and I will show you how to get it.

dee wallaceThe reason people struggle with selling their products and services is because they are doing just that; trying to sell people a product.  They do not take the time to listen to people in order to find out what people really want.  People look at your products as a problem not a solution.  In their mind, they are thinking, that is just what I need, more payments and spend money I do not have.

I can tell you from almost 30 years experience, in a challenging economy people are not interested in buying products or services!  That is why selling is so hard for most people.

What do people want?  I have no clue; that is, until I sit down with them and listen with my ears open and my mouth closed.  People are happy to tell you what they want; in fact it is virtually impossible not to let other people not know what we want because what we want pours out of us like a fountain.

A couple of years ago I went into a clothing store with the intent to buy 3 or 4 suites, some shirts, ties and dress pants, not to mention socks, shoes, belts and pocket squares.  I went in there ready to unload some serious money on that shop, and knowing that the salesperson was paid on commission, I figured I was going to make one chap a happy camper for the day.

As I walked in, I fell in love with four suites, wow; they were my style, big bright colors.  All I needed was a big hat and a feather and I would be ready for the side walks of Hollywood!

As I went into full swing trying on the coats the salesman kept trying to tell me those suits were not for me, kindly at first and then the pressure kept mounting.  Finally he said in a stern voice; Sir, I can not possibly sell you those suits; I would be doing you a dishonor!

I said okay, call that other salesperson over here to see if he will sell them to me?

Once he realized I was serious, he took off his glasses and wiped them and said; Sir, those suites look fabulous on you!  He even ended up selling me orange socks.

In your business you are operating as a servant or a judge.  The only way to become rich is by being a servant, that means giving people what they want, not what you think they need.

Business folks with the right intent try to sell people what they need instead of what people want and then wonder why business is so bad.  They are conducting business as a judge not a servant.

Try to sell me a bottle of your potion because it comes from the bottom of the ocean and has more nutrients than anything on the planet and I am not interested.   However, tell me that I can lower my blood sugar and improve my diabetes with your potion and I will buy a case of it, even if the potion comes from the butt of a camel!   Why?  I am not interested in buying products, but I will open my wallet for solutions and things I want.

Tale a look at your business today, and ask yourself if you are trying to sell your products or focusing on what people want?  It will be the difference between breaking the bank or breaking your back!

So in closing, if you drive the streets of Hollywood, and see some cat in a bright color suite, wearing orange socks, honk, it just might be me!

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See you all tomorrow!

Don and Melinda

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