The Power of Reward

I got a call this morning from someone asking me to financially help them to go on a trip they want to take.  Last week, I got a call from a number of people all asking for favors.  It amazes me that each one of these calls were from people who never took the time to make any deposits in the “Mutual Favor Bank” yet came expecting to make a withdrawal.  It is not that these were bad people, they were just operating on a failure premise that so many people operate on which is this;

I expect to get my request granted because I have a worthy need”. 

Unfortunately, thousands of professionals and businesses operate their marketing systems the same way; “Please be my customer and buy my products because I have financial needs…desperately”  And with this concept, they go into the marketplace expecting to grow their business and income, only to end up with bitter disappointment.

The legendary Jim Rhon taught me the greatest lesson on how to avoid this pit trap and gain every request, need and desire and do it with “Precision Predictability” and now I pass it on to you.

The Power of Mentorship Books

“Life does not Reward need or want…

It only rewards Deserve” 

Once you grasp and internalize this principal it will blow a hole in your shorts the size of the Grand Canyon! Everyday you must ask yourself this vital question; “Do I deserve to be wealthy?”

Here is the brutal truth to that question.

If you are not investing at least $10,000 a year on your own self improvement and education you don’t deserve to earn a 6 or 7 figure annual income.

If you are not using the best marketing and sales tools money can buy, you don’t deserve to earn a 6 or 7 figure income.

If you are not prospecting on a massive scale everyday, you don’t deserve a 6 or 7 annual income.

If you are not selling on a massive scale everyday, you don’t deserve a 6 or 7 annual income.

If you don’t work so hard that you look in the mirror at the end of the day and say, “Oh my, I have no Ass, I worked it off”…you don’t deserve a 6 or 7 annual income.

Business in today’s economy is not for the faint hearted.  As one successful entrepreneur once said; “It’s no place for people who can’t stand a lot of disappointment”.  That being a true fact, it has to become your mission that you do everything you can and use every marketing tool available to dilute and offset that constant flow of business disappointment and position yourself to Deserve wealth and success.  Consistent, effective and “Painless Prospecting” is a major factor in qualifying you to deserve success.  You will not double and triple your income because you want or need it, that will only happen when you Deserve It!

If most people would hold up their marketing plans to the light of reality and results, they would find it has more holes in it than my fruit of the loom shorts had back 30 years ago when I was marketing ignorant and financially broke!  Back then, my under ware had so many holes it did not matter which one I put my legs through. I think I invented invisible shorts and the first real G string without realizing it.

What you have to understand about effective marketing is…

Marketing not customers create your income.

Marketing is not something you learn, it’s something you do

Marketing is what attracts customers and profits to you, and your service and product is what you provide to the fruits of your marketing. Tomorrow I will be sharing on the 5 Major Things To Give Yourself A Raise!

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I will close with… This Week’s “Blow The Shorts Off Your Prospects and Customers” Secret Tip: 

The Best Way To Say Thank You is by giving a quality gift.  A personalized autograph book is a gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime.

Come join us and be a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book and I will teach you how to double and triple your income by giving the e-book away using our “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” system.

Have a Great Sunday, Don and Melinda Boyer

Why Money Eludes You

(Make sure you read the entire post to take advantage of my free gift, “Pick Don’s Brain”. I can help you earn a fortune.)

Answer the question, “Why should people do business with me oppose to my competitors offering the same products or service?”

I will give you a hint; it has nothing to do with Price.  If price is an issue it’s because they do not see your value.  If you can answer this question I guarantee that you can create a million dollar income (or any income you desire).  If you cannot answer this question correctly, your business will never rise to the level you desire no matter how hard you work.  So rather than play the guessing game that nobody likes, I am going to give you the answer that is worth a million dollars. 

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

“Why should people do business with you instead

Of your competitors offering the same product or service?” 

Here is the answer, right it down, print it out and post it where you can see it everyday…

“Because You Create An Atmosphere

Where People Want To Buy”

 Most professionals and businesses create an atmosphere to sell things.  The problem is, nobody likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.  Big difference!  When you create an atmosphere of selling, you are perceived as an annoying pest, better known as a pain in the rump.  However, when you create an atmosphere of buying you now become a welcome guest.  What atmosphere are you creating?  But more important, what atmosphere do you want to create?

When I practice my daily “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” system I create an atmosphere where the kindest, most wonderful people on earth come to exchange value for value better known as showing up ready to buy. No hassle, no pressure, no struggle.  You want to talk about “organic business” it does not get any more natural that this.

So, how do we create an Atmosphere where people want to buy?  It starts with us and our philosophy about business, prospecting, selling and the marketplace.  Let me share with you what my Millionaire Mentors taught me over the past 33 years.

  1. Never go into the Jungle with a BB gun.  The lions will eat you alive. 
  1. Never opt for the cheapest tools you can get, go for the most expensive tools you can afford. 
  1. You can achieve anything you desire if…”You simply take the time to Learn how to get it” 

I practice “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” not because it’s easy, all though I love that it is, I practice and use it because it’s the most powerful weapon you could ever take into the competitive Jungle of Business.  Someone once said; “Business is not that hard”.  Are you kidding me?  Business will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around hunch back!  If you are going to win in business, now complicate this 100 fold with this new economy, you need weapons that will bring down King Kong.  Professionals are out there with a BB gun and wonder why they get wiped out.

As a professional the results you get in business and life is in “Direct Proportion” to the quality of your tools.  Michael Angelo felt his tools so important he made his own paint brushes.  Skimp on your deluxe breakfast if you must, but not on your tools.  Spend less money on your car, but never, never on your tools that are going to make you money.

Here is another 7 figure income producing Secret.  The tools of our trade are Knowledge, Information and Systems because…

“Wealth Comes From Knowing

What Others Don’t” 

For those of you who are ready to start leaning how to “Create The Atmosphere of Buying” so that you can start doubling and tripling your income this year contact me today at so I can show you personally how to get started.

If you invest in the right tools with me it will cost you a few dollars, if you fail to invest in the best tools it will cost you a fortune!  As always, thank you for reading our blog and sharing it with others. Use this information to consistently increase your income and remember our offers are only directed to those in Category One! (Those who ready to enjoy a lifetime of unlimited income).

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Your 3 Best Friends

We all have or had friends in the past that cost us money; some of them lose us money and a few of them that actually make us money.  My goal is to make everyone associated with me money.  I want to be a constant source of income for all those I have any type of relationship with.  The key to business prosperity is to surround yourself with the best of friends that add value to your life and you in return add value to theirs.

Today I want to introduce you to 3 Best Friends that if you invite them into your core group I promise and guarantee that they will make you financially wealthy.  Who are they?  I think in this setting the proper question is what are they?  Your 3 new Best Friends are:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Selling
  3. Hard Work 

As far as prospecting goes, I been sharing with you the method I use called “Painless Prospecting”.  It is the easiest; most effective, productive and profitable form of turning absolute strangers into loyal paying clients.  That system once again, is simply giving away an e-book that you co-authored with top International leaders to your target market.  The inner ingredients that make this system work is the “credibility factor” of being associated with top leaders, this automatically separates you from every one of your competitors.  It gives you the “profitable positioning” of being an expert that gives you the edge of why future clients will chose and hire you over others and it allows you to stand out in the marketplace.  Not many people can get you into a book with International leaders like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, the late and legendary Jim Rhon and Zig Ziglar but I can.  But here is the most important thing I can do for you that no one else can…I teach you the system of “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” using your book.

No matter what prospecting system you use, remember prospecting is your best friend and will lead you to unlimited riches and wealth.  Make prospecting your best friend, never abandon it, use it daily and you will never have to worry about money again.

Selling, if you are using our system of “Painless Selling” it is a simple process of providing your service to those who are ready to buy.  It does not get any easier than that.  My entire day and company works with those who contact us because they are ready to buy.  There is no pushing, begging, convincing, outwitting objections, and long frustrations.  They are just wonderful smooth transactions that are a pleasant win-win for all parties.  However, this type of client does not pop up out of the blue by accident.  No, no, this type of client is a Direct Result of using my system of “Painless Prospecting”.  What would it be like if everyday all you dealt with was people who contacted you and wanted to buy what you had to offer?  This is no fantasy or green genie smoke being blown up your Kazoo, this is actual reality of the most successful people in the business world today. Remember, selling can get you out of a financial jam, it can provide you with the best that life has to offer and it will be a continual source of income that streams into your bank account.  Yes, selling is truly your best friend.

Ok, I have shared with you how simple it is to double and triple your income this year with “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling”.  Nothing is easier and more effective than this system.  But there is one ingredient that must be applied to make this or any system work and that would be your 3rd Best Friend…Hard Work.

Hard Work is the ingredient that makes every system on earth work.  Zig Ziglar once asked his dentist; “Do I have to floss all my teeth”?  His dentist answered, “Heavens No, just the ones you want to keep!”  My friend Les Brown says; “When you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want automatically takes over”.  There are no short cuts to hard work, no getting around it, no avoiding it and the sooner we accept that the easier it will be for us to see the value of hard work and realize it truly is our best friend.

Now let me share with you an insider’s secret definition of Hard Work.  Hard Work is…

  1. Making a decision
  2. Taking immediate action on that decision
  3. Taking calculated risks
  4. Using the proper tools 

If you make Prospecting, Selling and Hard Work your 3 Best Friends your money, cash flow and business troubles will disappear like vapor.

Yesterday I shared with you a secret that every top platform speaker and professional salesperson uses and it’s called “Putting Money in Peoples Pockets and then Set in on Fire”.  In our Millionaire Speakers boot camp I teach this in detail and it will lead you to a six figure income guaranteed.  Since my next Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp is not until June, and you cannot wait that long to double and triple your income here is how I can help you.

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The Four Seasons of Painless Prospecting

When I am doing my daily Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling system it flows to and filters out four kinds of people. The Power of Mentorship Books

Number One: My Ideal Customer.  This is the one who is ready to buy, needs no prompting from me, just wants to know how soon I can get them their product.

Number Two:  Those who are in the growing stage.  Not ready to purchase just yet, but loves, enjoys and benefits from the high quality no cost materials that we provide to the marketplace.  It is just a matter of time, until they ripen into loyal customers who will stay with us for years to come.

Number Three:  Those who our product line just does not fit them at this present time and have no interest in finding out how it can…take me off your list please.

Number Four:  Those who are hostile as hell and meaner than a junk yard dog!  A lady recently emailed be who said, “I am a professional writer, and I would never give a book away for free, especially for marketing purposes, that is deceptive” never contact me again!   I thought to myself, “Wow, not only are you ugly…you are stupid too!”

Now the good news is, only those in category Number One will be calling and contacting you and therefore this is the group you will be selling too.  How high do you think your closing ratio will be?  Heck, you could sell this group dental floss even if they had no teeth.

Category Two cultivates in your automatic systems of emails, e-books, websites, digital downloads, and blogs until they mature and advance into category one.

Category Three, you simply move on and say a little prayer for them.

Category Four, well…you just show a little empathy for them knowing you would be rude and hostile too if you had a cosmetic beauty face lift and the doctor used the skin on your butt and sewed it on your face!

Are you starting to see why prospecting and selling can be so much fun, enjoyable and profitable using the system of Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling?  Why in the world would anyone want to go about increasing their business and income any other way?  My question to you is; forget about everyone else, why in the world are you not doing it this way?  Drop whatever you are doing and contact me right now so we can get you doubling and tripling your income the Painless way.

Now, I am going to give you a tip that if you can grasp it, will Forever solve your financial problems once and for good and create you a six or seven (even higher) annual income.  Write this down and put it somewhere you can see it everyday…

“Unless your marketing message is getting in front of a minimum of 100 new prospects everyday 7 days a week…you simply will not survive in business” 

That number is a very conservative number and the truth of the matter is, if all you did was get your story (marketing message) in front of 100 people a day, you would need prayer, fasting and a host of miracles to grow your income just a hair over broke.

Unless you have pockets as deep as the Pacific Ocean, getting your message effectively in front of 200 people a day 7 days a week is a daunting challenge to most.  And if you do have deep pockets and you use conventional marketing it won’t be long before you don’t!

That’s why I urge everyone to practice Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling.  It is the most cost effective way (zero cost, you can’t get much cheaper than that) and productive way to double and triple your income.

Make sure you come back tomorrow when I will teach you how to put money in peoples pockets then set it on fire with an irresistible offer.  You will love it.  Thanks again for reading our post and sharing it will all your contacts.  In closing, the next time you run into a Category Four in your business just smile and give them Billy Crystal’s famous line…”You Look Marvelous”!

Be sure to visit our new website at: 

Psychology of Prospecting

If you are going to win, prosper and get way ahead of this business game, whether we are in a great economy or an upside down economy you are going to have to be…Obsessed, Consumed, Focused, Dedicated and 100% Sold Out to daily “Selling and Marketing”.

The Journey Movie

The Journey Movie

This formula and this formula alone is the great secret behind any kind of sustainable business and financial success.  Every business that follows this system wins and prospers, everyone that does not follow this path eventually fails no matter how great their product or service is.

You will be amazed, the harder you work in this area of selling, the more the “Law of Attraction” works and the more your faith will produce “Miracles”.  There are few business problems that “selling” can’t fix.  Any person or business that is in financial trouble can “Sell their way out of the Crisis”.  With that being said, it is amazing how many professionals and entrepreneurs focus on everything else but selling and marketing.

Here are four dynamic systems that if you put into place starting today, you can double your income in the next 120 days or less.

  1. Understand Selling.  The most important aspect of selling is to get your noodle on straight about this subject; you have to have a proper paradigm of selling right out of the gate.  So, here is my definition or paradigm of selling: “Selling means providing provision and solving problems for the right people at the right time”. 
  1. Painless Selling.  Painless selling is a providing a product or service to people who are ready and willing to buy and/or ready to have their problem solved. You do not have to convince, persuade, push, beg or plead for them to buy; you only have to provide them with what they want and need. Selling is all about timing. 
  1. Painless Prospecting.  The way to practice “Painless Selling” is finding those ready to buy customers to serve and the way to find them is through “Painless Prospecting”.  Painless Prospecting is knowing how to use an e-book (or printed book) as a marketing lead generator.  Giving away an e-book that you co-authored with top leaders is the fastest, easiest and non-intrusive way to turn a complete stranger into a loyal paying client. 
  1. How to Use Painless Prospecting.  When I was a kid there was a commercial for the tootsie roll pop.  The caption was how many licks does it take to reach the tootsie roll center?  They asked Mr. Wise Owl that question to which he replied, “Well, let’s see; One, Two, and on the third lick he bit into it and said…Three”.   When I saw that I thought, the little bastard cheated!  In order to practice “Painless Prospecting” I use some very specific tools because when it comes down to it, effective prospecting is never about those you seek, but the seeker (you) itself.  Prospecting is a game that is played and won or lost in the head. So here are the tools to win the game. 
    1. When I prospect everyday, I do not view myself as a hunter out to kill game so I and my family can eat and have enough money to pay my bills.  I view myself as a Coast Guard out on a mission to help those who are in need of my services and products.  I am out to seek and to save.  Therefore, when I am prospecting on line (sending out e-books) I wear my bright red and orange T-shirt that says “Search and Rescue”. It keeps me mentally on track. 
    1. Decide up front how many No’s it will take before you quit and give up.  For me, its 10,000.  Therefore when I get number 7 or 8 No, it means nothing to me in comparison to the 10,000 number before I give up! 
    1. Deck of Cards.  No matter what you sell or market there are thousands of people out there that are ready to buy from you.  Your job is to find (rescue) them or make yourself visible so they can find you.  Therefore, I keep a deck of cards on my desk to remind me to keep flipping because I know without a doubt the Aces are in there and I will find them if I just keep flipping. 

I encourage you to put these systems into place and watch your business and income go up as the economy keeps going down. Now for those of you who are ready to double and triple your income and start using our “Painless Prospecting and Painless Selling” by becoming a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book, email me today at so we can get you started.

As I sign off, once again thank you for reading the post and sharing it with your friends, family and contacts.

Effortless Selling

I don’t want to sell you anything.  I just want to give you something that can help you double and triple your income this year.

Millionaire Dollar Speakers Boot Camp

If I have to sell you something, we are not right for each other and that plan never works. Divorce courts are filled to the brim with people that are not right for each other (to bad we don’t learn that before we say “I Do”).

However, to give you something of value that you can use and benefit from without selling you anything does work.  Now lets get real, why would I a complete stranger do this?  Here it is… “I simply want you to remember me when you are ready to double and triple your income or when you come across someone who does.  That’s it, that’s the trade off…just remember me.

I practice what I term “Effortless Selling” and avoid “Insanity Selling” like the plaque.  Effortless Selling is based on timing.  We all purchase things based on timing, be it to avoid loss or acquire gain, but we buy based on timing.  When someone who is ready to purchase is combined with someone who can provide that is a beautiful, effective transaction known as “Effortless Selling”.

“Insanity Selling” on the other hand is trying to find people we can push, persuade, convince, and influence to purchase and buy what we are offering.  This creates absolute misery for both the seller and consumer.  If we are ever going to come out of this game of selling rich and with our health in tact we have to stop this “Insanity Selling” and move into “Effortless Selling”.

Here is the important thing to remember, no matter what your service or product is, right now there are millions of people buying (not being sold) the exact item you have to offer.  The question is “why are they not buying it from you?”  The answer to this question, if acted upon will give you the best Christmas ever this year and here is the answer…

People are buying right now what you have to offer but giving their money to someone else simply because they do not know you exist or know how to find and contact you.  It comes down to it being as simple as that.  Here is the real kicker, these folks fall into the category of “Effortless Selling”.  They don’t have to be sold, they are ready to buy!

Using the system of giving away an e-book you co-authored with top leaders in our Power of Mentorship book series is the most powerful, effective and easiest way to be found by those who are ready to buy what you have to offer.  The giving away e-book system is the driving force and main building block of “Effortless Selling”.

For those of you who are ready to double and triple your income this year, contact me at and we will get you into our upcoming book and teach you the e-book giveaway system that will Put More Money in your bank and give you less stress in your life.  As always, before I say Adios, Reverdechi (I know this is misspelled, sorry) and good by, let me say thank you for taking the time to read our blog and my true appreciation for referring your friends and family to read it as well.

My goal is to share with you so much of my money making secrets that the only way you could not improve your income is by not putting them into practice.

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