You Have Two Choices

Living in Southern California, I am surrounded with businesses every way I look.  Driving to dinner tonight with my wife Melinda we would see building after building with For Lease signs on them.  On many of them it was just a few months ago that they were open for business only to close its door because they could not financially make it. The Journey Movie

It would be very easy to look at this situation and blame it on the economy, but unfortunately it was not the economy that caused them to fail.  Granted, this economy did demand of them (as it does to all of us) to step up to the plate and deliver.  However, they did not have an economy problem, cash flow problem or even a profit problem; they had a Major Marketing Problem.

In this new demanding economy you have two choices;

Be Diligent In Your Marketing


Become Proficient In Begging 

If you learn how to master your marketing and prospecting skills you can Succeed as a professional, business owner, home based business,  sales person, online seller or in Network Marketing.

When Your Marketing Is Correct, Price Does Not Matter 

I was recently reading some information Kyle Wilson had sent me.  In case you do not know who Kyle Wilson is, he was the President of Jim Rhon International and was the driving force of producing the International product line for Jim Rhon up until the time Jim Rhon passed away.

As I was on his site, I went to his product and store page and found out that his fee for a One day coaching session is $10,000 plus first class airfare!  I almost needed smelling salts to keep me from fainting. I jumped and yelled, “I am ripping myself off, I charge way to little for my services…Dang Gum It, My Fee’s Are Going Up!”

My shock was not at his fee, but how many had signed up for it and was paying it!  While the majority of people are crying the blues about how hard business is and the economy is so bad, there are thousands of business people out there in every field raking in the dough because there is No Shortage of People out there who are willing to shell it out!

There is only an over abundance of professionals charging to little!  Let this concept roll around in your skull a few times and see if loosens up some Income Insight.  My good friend and business associate Butch Patrick who played “Eddie Munster” in the 1964 hit series “The Munsters” have a Munsters Memorabilia store where we play the show on a big screen TV.  There is one episode where a character shouts out…

“This town if full of fancy Dews”

(Rich Folks) 

The majority of our professional population have bought into the lies of this economy making people think that everyone is broke and struggling, when in fact this country and world is really…”Full of Fancy Dews”. 

My advice to you is to go back and Rethink Your Fees, and then consider if you are charging to little.  If you think lowering your price is the key to success you are associating with the wrong crowd.  Lowering your fees doesn’t attract ideal customers, it drives them away and instead attracts customers from Hell and they bring the devil along with them!

Remember, you have Two Choices, I highly recommend choosing Master Marketing! 

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Don and Melinda Boyer

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