Beating Up the Bully “NO” And his twin brother Rejection

I does not matter how long you been in sales, how good your closing track record is or the kind of front you put on, getting a No to your offer and getting your offer rejected stings.  Now, there are all different kinds of ways people say NO.  Never hear from them again, a polite No thank you (rare), No, No Way, Hell NO, or Get Out!

“This is simply part of the sales profession” says the beer belly, balding sales manager who sits on his rear end at his desk shoving food in his pie hole.  This may be true to some degree, but it does nothing to easy the pain of getting a No, even a soft No still hurts.  To make life worse than having to deal with Mr. Fuzz Brain the sales manager is the fact that “NO” and his twin brother “Rejection” are Bullies.

“NO” will bully and intimidate you and make you want to quit. Its job is to rob you of your self worth, self esteem, self confidence, drive, desire, dreams, determination, courage, faith, hope, income, health and peace.  The darn bully who is Satan himself will even rob you of your family and job!

The “NO” and “Rejection” Bullies are relentless, ruthless, aggressive, combative and darn right ugly and mean.  Just like any Bully in real life, their number one job is to…

“Make Your Life A Living Hell” 

There is only one way to beat up a Bully; Stand up to him and kick his rear-end, even if you have to use a stick and rocks (that is what I used in grade school on bullies who tried to pick on me).  It is time to stop letting the “NO” and “Rejection” Bullies rob you blind and intimidate you.  It is time to join me on the revolution to reverse things and “Beat Up the Bully of “NO” and his twin brother “Rejection”.

Finding Your PassionIf you were in the jungle and King Kong was after you, would you shoot him in the butt with a BB gun and think the mighty giant will leave you alone?  Yet millions of professionals go into the jungle of business everyday and face the King Kong of “NO”’ and only fire back a BB pellet.   You have to shoot King Kong “NO” in the butt with an atomic bomb before he goes down.

So, here are 5 ways to Beat Up The Bullies “NO” and “Rejection”.

  1. Change Your Mindset.  Imagine in your mind as you prospect you are attempting to eliminate all the old work horses in your business stall of quality race horses and you send out a message to the marketplace that says;  “Will all the Jack Asses Please Say No To My Offer!”  Then when a NO or Rejection comes your way, just see in your mind a smiling Giant Jack Ass Standing There saying “That’s Me!”
  2. Change Your Attitude!  A few years ago, I was invited to be in the movie “Go For No” where they interviewed top International leaders on how they dealt with rejection and the word “NO” in the business world.  The main theme of the movie was to change your attitude on the subject of getting a “NO” by realizing that after all is said and done, the very core principals of getting to a “Yes” is going through a lot of “NO” and rejections.  If you know that you have to get so many people to say “NO” before you get a “Yes” then you start to welcome every “NO” with the expectation that you are that much closer to getting your “Yes”.  
  1. Decide Up Front how many times do you have to hear “NO” before you give up and quit.  If you do not decide right up front everyday on every project the number of times you have to get a “NO” in order for you to give up, it will not take many.  For the professional it may be 8-20, for the rookie maybe 4 and for the average less then one, sometimes just a look it will do it!  However, if you post a giant sign on your desk or wall that says “It Will Take Me To Hear NO 10,000 Times Before I Quit” then when “No” or “Rejection” 10, 15, 30, or 50, comes your way it is no big deal in comparison to the number it will take for you to throw in the towel.  So, when the 50th “NO” comes across your desk you just say, “No big deal, I still have 9,950 to go before I quit” 
  1. Use The Right Tools.  One of the most important aspects of success in any trade is the tools you use.  Using the right tool for the right job creates the right results. On the other hand, using the wrong tools for the wrong job creates the wrong results. We all know this intellectually but why we have a hard time applying that to our business is still a mystery to me. 
  1. Use The Right Marketing System.  If I would have to narrow down the most important aspect of business, without hesitation and question I would say it would be having the proper marketing system in place to attract and retain customers.  New business is the life blood of any business.  Here is something I suggest you print and see everyday of your business life… 

No Business or Professional Fails

Because Of A Bad Economy 

There is only one of three reasons a business or professional fails in business.

  1. Using the wrong marketing system to attract and retain customers
  2. Not using the right marketing system to attract and retain customers
  3. Using no marketing system to attract and retain customers 

In closing today, make sure you make up your mind to declare War on the Bullies of “NO” and his twin evil brother “Rejection”

Here is the wisdom that will double and triple your income.  “Your business is not designed to make you money; your business is designed to make you Wealthy”. When you get that, your financial troubles will forever be over.

Thank you for continually reading our daily post and keep on passing us on to your friends and family.  See you tomorrow and make sure you take advantage of our Free Exclusive Inner Circle Membership group while enrollment is still available.


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