Why Money Eludes You

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Answer the question, “Why should people do business with me oppose to my competitors offering the same products or service?”

I will give you a hint; it has nothing to do with Price.  If price is an issue it’s because they do not see your value.  If you can answer this question I guarantee that you can create a million dollar income (or any income you desire).  If you cannot answer this question correctly, your business will never rise to the level you desire no matter how hard you work.  So rather than play the guessing game that nobody likes, I am going to give you the answer that is worth a million dollars. 

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

“Why should people do business with you instead

Of your competitors offering the same product or service?” 

Here is the answer, right it down, print it out and post it where you can see it everyday…

“Because You Create An Atmosphere

Where People Want To Buy”

 Most professionals and businesses create an atmosphere to sell things.  The problem is, nobody likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.  Big difference!  When you create an atmosphere of selling, you are perceived as an annoying pest, better known as a pain in the rump.  However, when you create an atmosphere of buying you now become a welcome guest.  What atmosphere are you creating?  But more important, what atmosphere do you want to create?

When I practice my daily “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” system I create an atmosphere where the kindest, most wonderful people on earth come to exchange value for value better known as showing up ready to buy. No hassle, no pressure, no struggle.  You want to talk about “organic business” it does not get any more natural that this.

So, how do we create an Atmosphere where people want to buy?  It starts with us and our philosophy about business, prospecting, selling and the marketplace.  Let me share with you what my Millionaire Mentors taught me over the past 33 years.

  1. Never go into the Jungle with a BB gun.  The lions will eat you alive. 
  1. Never opt for the cheapest tools you can get, go for the most expensive tools you can afford. 
  1. You can achieve anything you desire if…”You simply take the time to Learn how to get it” 

I practice “Painless Prospecting” and “Painless Selling” not because it’s easy, all though I love that it is, I practice and use it because it’s the most powerful weapon you could ever take into the competitive Jungle of Business.  Someone once said; “Business is not that hard”.  Are you kidding me?  Business will kick your rear end so high up you will walk around hunch back!  If you are going to win in business, now complicate this 100 fold with this new economy, you need weapons that will bring down King Kong.  Professionals are out there with a BB gun and wonder why they get wiped out.

As a professional the results you get in business and life is in “Direct Proportion” to the quality of your tools.  Michael Angelo felt his tools so important he made his own paint brushes.  Skimp on your deluxe breakfast if you must, but not on your tools.  Spend less money on your car, but never, never on your tools that are going to make you money.

Here is another 7 figure income producing Secret.  The tools of our trade are Knowledge, Information and Systems because…

“Wealth Comes From Knowing

What Others Don’t” 

For those of you who are ready to start leaning how to “Create The Atmosphere of Buying” so that you can start doubling and tripling your income this year contact me today at don@donboyer.org so I can show you personally how to get started.

If you invest in the right tools with me it will cost you a few dollars, if you fail to invest in the best tools it will cost you a fortune!  As always, thank you for reading our blog and sharing it with others. Use this information to consistently increase your income and remember our offers are only directed to those in Category One! (Those who ready to enjoy a lifetime of unlimited income).

One last thing, take advantage of “Pick Don’s Brain”.  It’s my special free gift to you.  If you have a business, marketing, cash flow, or customer problem or question email me it and I will send you back my insights to solve it for you. Send it to don@donboyer.org.  For the first 20 years of business I would have so many people say, “I want to take you to lunch to pick your brain”.  So like a dumb jack ass I would go and pour out my brains for hours…and on more occasion than I want to admit, I ended picking up the check too!  Today, people pay me $500.00 an hour to pick my brain…and pay for lunch!  “Pick Don’s Brain” my free gift to you.

Visit:  Donboyerauthor.com

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