Effortless Selling

I don’t want to sell you anything.  I just want to give you something that can help you double and triple your income this year.

Millionaire Dollar Speakers Boot Camp

If I have to sell you something, we are not right for each other and that plan never works. Divorce courts are filled to the brim with people that are not right for each other (to bad we don’t learn that before we say “I Do”).

However, to give you something of value that you can use and benefit from without selling you anything does work.  Now lets get real, why would I a complete stranger do this?  Here it is… “I simply want you to remember me when you are ready to double and triple your income or when you come across someone who does.  That’s it, that’s the trade off…just remember me.

I practice what I term “Effortless Selling” and avoid “Insanity Selling” like the plaque.  Effortless Selling is based on timing.  We all purchase things based on timing, be it to avoid loss or acquire gain, but we buy based on timing.  When someone who is ready to purchase is combined with someone who can provide that is a beautiful, effective transaction known as “Effortless Selling”.

“Insanity Selling” on the other hand is trying to find people we can push, persuade, convince, and influence to purchase and buy what we are offering.  This creates absolute misery for both the seller and consumer.  If we are ever going to come out of this game of selling rich and with our health in tact we have to stop this “Insanity Selling” and move into “Effortless Selling”.

Here is the important thing to remember, no matter what your service or product is, right now there are millions of people buying (not being sold) the exact item you have to offer.  The question is “why are they not buying it from you?”  The answer to this question, if acted upon will give you the best Christmas ever this year and here is the answer…

People are buying right now what you have to offer but giving their money to someone else simply because they do not know you exist or know how to find and contact you.  It comes down to it being as simple as that.  Here is the real kicker, these folks fall into the category of “Effortless Selling”.  They don’t have to be sold, they are ready to buy!

Using the system of giving away an e-book you co-authored with top leaders in our Power of Mentorship book series is the most powerful, effective and easiest way to be found by those who are ready to buy what you have to offer.  The giving away e-book system is the driving force and main building block of “Effortless Selling”.

For those of you who are ready to double and triple your income this year, contact me at don@donboyer.org and we will get you into our upcoming book and teach you the e-book giveaway system that will Put More Money in your bank and give you less stress in your life.  As always, before I say Adios, Reverdechi (I know this is misspelled, sorry) and good by, let me say thank you for taking the time to read our blog and my true appreciation for referring your friends and family to read it as well.

My goal is to share with you so much of my money making secrets that the only way you could not improve your income is by not putting them into practice.

For all of you who come on board this week as a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book, I will send you as a gift our entire “Millionaire Speakers” Home Study Course that retails for $995.00 (student price).  This is the exact course that we teach in our $2500.00 Millionaire Speakers Boot Camp that 98 percent of our students purchase at the end of the week-end.  Our goal is to teach you how to become one of the highest paid speakers on the platform.  Our motto is, “You don’t have to be famous to earn $10,000.00 every time you speak”.  This course is yours absolutely Free!

Watch this clip to find out how others love and profit from this course!

Visit: www.donboyerauther.com


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