Painless Prospecting

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  Do you realize that most of us were taught how to do effective prospecting as kids during Easter?  Remember the thrill of the annual Easter egg hunt as a kid.  Once you were let go, it was a mad dash to find the hidden eggs filled with treasure, in hopes to find that Golden egg that held the master grand prize.  During that prospecting rush, we had fun because we knew the eggs where out there somewhere.  And the more we looked the more we found.  It was exciting, exhilarating, fun and made us alive with life.

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

The dynamics of prospecting are the same in business, except for most professionals, instead of being fun, exciting and exhilarating; it is draining, dreadful and downright distasteful.  What happened?  The rules of the game have not changed; the only thing that has changed from the game is our mindset about the game.  Here are the 5 things we did as kids to make to make Easter egg prospecting fun, exciting and rewarding. 

  1. We knew the eggs we were looking for where out there. So, if we just looked hard enough, fast enough and long enough we would obtain the eggs were sought. 
  1. We kept our eyes and mind on finding eggs, not all the places we looked that did not have an egg. 
  1. We went into the egg hunt with anticipation and excitement.  The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the challenge, and the promise of the reward made this prospecting game one that we never wanted to end. 
  1. We went into the prospecting egg hunt with complete faith knowing that the eggs were already there, we did not have to produce the egg, just find them! 
  1. If we looked under a rock and there was no egg, we did not get discouraged and give up; we just dashed off to the next probable hiding place. There was a lot of hiding places we looked for an egg that shouted to us “No” egg here. We never gave it a second thought, just moved on. 

When we can go back to these fundamental success laws of prospecting and apply  these 5 things we did as kids in the Easter egg hunt to our business prospecting, at the end of the day, like at the end of the egg hunt, your basket will have eggs and there will be a very good chance one of the eggs will be that golden egg that brings the master prize of reward.  One thing for sure, if we did not enter the Easter egg hunt, we did not get any eggs or rewards.

Prospecting for sales, customers and clients is the exact same way.  Get back into the prospecting game like an Easter egg hunt and you will have a blast prospecting.

Make sure you come back tomorrow where I will be sharing on the 5 Rules of the Psychology of Prospecting.  And don’t forget, if you want to double and triple your income this year I will teach you how to do this by simply giving away your e-book that you co-author with us.  It is the most painless and profitable way to grow your income and business.  Contact me today by email: and let’s get you published in our Upcoming Power of Mentorship Book.

My Best,

Don and Melinda Boyer

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