How Effective is your Business Card?


As a speaker like any other profession, you need more customers, speaking gigs, and more bottom line profits.  So let me ask you, how many clients, referrals and money can you directly trace back to being results of your business card?

The fact is, business cards and brochures as important as they are when everything is said and done are really poor performers in the area of marketing and generating revenue.  The three major reasons are:

1.Business cards have been used for 100 years and have exhausted its uniqueness.

2.Everybody uses them, and no matter how fancy or how much money you spend on them, it does not make you stand out from the rest of the business cards your competitors are passing out.

3.The fact is, far too many business cards end up in the trash can.

However, there is one type of business card that Never ends up in a trash can, which is really not a business card but a book that functions as a business card on steroids!

Most professionals and even many authors do not understand the many functional uses of a book to generate new business, new customers and fresh revenue.  Most believe that the only function of a book is to create revenue from selling it.  But the truth of the matter is; a book sold brings a few coins to your wallet but a book given away returns Financial Independence.

My personal friend and mentor Bob Proctor taught me this secret of using a book as a lead generator.  He uses it to generate millions of dollars of revenue and every known International speaker/author uses this same system.  I proved this system works by creating the Power of Mentorship book series that now have 220,000 printed copies in the marketplace and a million e-book versions in the marketplace worldwide.

I would like to personally invite you to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book which features Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many other recognized leaders.  These books convey the top teachings of all these leaders, and would feature your chapter in the book and we will teach you how to both sell the book and more importantly use it as a lead generator.

And the fact is, using the digital format of the book, giving it away as a gift, bonus and lead generator makes your marketing efforts extremely effective with zero cost.  Top that off with the fact that you can put your book into the hands of potential clients instantaneously and globally makes this the most powerful marketing tool on the planet.
Here are 5 major reasons to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book.

It positions you as an expert in your field
It gives you credibility being featured with International leaders
It gives you another product to generate revenue
It becomes your business card on steroids
It is the most effective marketing tool on the planet with zero cost

If you have any interest in becoming part of this upcoming book, please send me an email at

Until then, I wish you the best of Success!

Don Boyer
Creator of The Power of Mentorship book series

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