Painless Prospecting

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  Do you realize that most of us were taught how to do effective prospecting as kids during Easter?  Remember the thrill of the annual Easter egg hunt as a kid.  Once you were let go, it was a mad dash to find the hidden eggs filled with treasure, in hopes to find that Golden egg that held the master grand prize.  During that prospecting rush, we had fun because we knew the eggs where out there somewhere.  And the more we looked the more we found.  It was exciting, exhilarating, fun and made us alive with life.

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

Make your Money Go Up as the Economy Goes Down

The dynamics of prospecting are the same in business, except for most professionals, instead of being fun, exciting and exhilarating; it is draining, dreadful and downright distasteful.  What happened?  The rules of the game have not changed; the only thing that has changed from the game is our mindset about the game.  Here are the 5 things we did as kids to make to make Easter egg prospecting fun, exciting and rewarding. 

  1. We knew the eggs we were looking for where out there. So, if we just looked hard enough, fast enough and long enough we would obtain the eggs were sought. 
  1. We kept our eyes and mind on finding eggs, not all the places we looked that did not have an egg. 
  1. We went into the egg hunt with anticipation and excitement.  The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the challenge, and the promise of the reward made this prospecting game one that we never wanted to end. 
  1. We went into the prospecting egg hunt with complete faith knowing that the eggs were already there, we did not have to produce the egg, just find them! 
  1. If we looked under a rock and there was no egg, we did not get discouraged and give up; we just dashed off to the next probable hiding place. There was a lot of hiding places we looked for an egg that shouted to us “No” egg here. We never gave it a second thought, just moved on. 

When we can go back to these fundamental success laws of prospecting and apply  these 5 things we did as kids in the Easter egg hunt to our business prospecting, at the end of the day, like at the end of the egg hunt, your basket will have eggs and there will be a very good chance one of the eggs will be that golden egg that brings the master prize of reward.  One thing for sure, if we did not enter the Easter egg hunt, we did not get any eggs or rewards.

Prospecting for sales, customers and clients is the exact same way.  Get back into the prospecting game like an Easter egg hunt and you will have a blast prospecting.

Make sure you come back tomorrow where I will be sharing on the 5 Rules of the Psychology of Prospecting.  And don’t forget, if you want to double and triple your income this year I will teach you how to do this by simply giving away your e-book that you co-author with us.  It is the most painless and profitable way to grow your income and business.  Contact me today by email: and let’s get you published in our Upcoming Power of Mentorship Book.

My Best,

Don and Melinda Boyer

Prospecting Made Easy…

Effective prospecting, marketing and advertising is not designed to sell products or services, they are designed to “Qualify” (or find) those who are ready to buy and just important to “Disqualify” those who are not ready to buy.  When you understand this, you will not feel hurt, disappointed or discouraged when people say no to your offer.ecoverPackage

You would not believe the mean, nasty and rude no’s I receive from people that I simply offer to help.  Realize upfront, a lot of people out there you are prospecting too are meaner than ugly itself, and this harsh economy squeezes every drop of meanness out of them!

Effective prospecting and selling requires you to maximize your time, therefore your system has to be one where you do not waste your time on people who are not ready to say Yes.  The worst and most painful way to invest your time is trying to sell, persuade, and convince a No into a Yes.  This is called “Insanity Selling” yet most professionals teach and practice this type of selling.  I was having lunch one day with Brian Tracy and he said, “When you present an opportunity and your friends tell you they are broke…Believe Them!   Know the difference between a question and objection.  I will sit for hours and answer real questions with a probable client, but not waste five minutes dealing with objections with someone who is not ready to buy.

When my wife Melinda goes shopping for shoes, (how one woman with only two feet can own hundreds of pairs of shows I have no clue) no salesperson on the planet has to sell, persuade or convince her to buy.  She runs into the store waving our credit card!  That is the kind of customer you want to spend your time with.  No matter what your industry is, people who want what you offer are out there by the thousands!  So why do so many professionals seek after and deal with people they have to force to buy?  They simply do not have a better plan.

My wife gets really mad at me for this, but when people call and ask me what is my best price for our service I hang up on them.  Best price?  You want maximum results at basement prices…that does not exist in the real world of results.  Life and Success requires “full price” and the sooner we learn that, the faster we will get what we truly desire.  Some people waste an entire lifetime trying to defy this natural principal only to discover at the end of their life that trying to beat the system is the ultimate high price of life.

With effective marketing, it brings to you people who are ready to say yes to your offer and your closing rate will range in the 98 to 99 percent range.  The shoe salesperson who waits on my wife bats a 1000 percent every time!

When you are hungry as a bear and you walk into a restaurant does anyone have to try and sell you food? No, they simply just take your order.

When you pull into the gas station on empty, with your gas tank bone dry, does the clerk asleep behind the desk have to try and sell you some gas?

Our company sends out 200 e-books per day to the marketplace and its objective is to locate the right people for our offer and eliminate the wrong people, but in the end whether a person is a Yes or a No they get to enjoy a quality book that can be of great value to them, so everybody wins with this system.

The marketing system of giving away books saves you from wasting time with the wrong people, and increases your income by having you work with the right people, those who have already said Yes before you even showed up.  If you are ready to double and triple your income with the easiest and most effective marketing system on the planet, simply giving away an e-book you co-authored, then contact me today and we still working on earning you more money.

The best part of this system is that every time my phone rings or I get a response email I know it’s a Yes calling, and that makes prospecting a real joy.  You can have the same thing happen to you!

As Jim Rohn said, “Life does not respond to need, it only responds to deserve”.

Stay tuned for my next lesson when I share that Prospecting is not about “hunting” but about “Search and Rescue”.  You are not a savaged hunter looking for prey to kill, you are a National Guard that carries the salvation and solution to the marketplace of need.

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For the Woman Entrepreneur

If you could guarantee to double and perhaps triple your income this year by simply giving away your e-book would you do it?

As crazy as it sounds, a whooping 60 percent would not do it.  30 percent would say they would do it, but never follow through and actually do it.  7 percent would do it and when they did not see results the next day or week quit and stop doing it.  Only 3 percent use this system but they are the ones who became wealthy in their industry from it.

As amazing and wild as this fact is, there is a very concrete reason for this.  Let me ask you; is giving away an e-book easy to do?  Yes of course, it is painless and cost zero to do.  That is not the problem, the problem is…. It is easy not to do!

The legendary and late Jim Rohn always said doing the things that bring Success is easy to do, but they are also easy not to do, and for that very reason most people never reach their dreams.

So although giving away an e-book to double and triple your income this year is easy, simple, painless and costless to do, studies show that it is the top 3 percent of high income earners and internationally known leaders that follow this system of giving away books to grow their business and income.  Everyone from Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, and Vic Johnson to Dan Kennedy give away e-books to build their empires.

However, on top of the main fact that giving away e-books to double and triple your income is easy to do and easy not to do, I found 5 other reasons why speakers (and business owners) choose not to follow this system of giving away books.

Reason Number One:  They simply cannot get a mental or visual picture of themselves giving away e-books as a marketing method to increase business growth.  They never have done it in the past, they do not know anyone personally who is doing it and therefore have no mental or visual reference in their mind of giving away books.

Reason Number Two:  They have never heard of this system of giving away books to grow your business and income and therefore do not have a clue how to go about putting it into practice or even know who to turn to in order to get help in leaning how to do it.

Reason Three:  Wrong paradigms about books; most people believe books are designed to be sold, and have a hard time accepting that books can be used to create wealth.  If you sell a book it returns coins to your purse, if you start giving away books, it returns a fortune to your bank account!  Giving away a book does not diminish its value or content, in fact, the higher quality in content and format, the higher return in more customer attraction and retention.

Reason Four:  Giving away books feels uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone.  Here is the great Wake Up Call, we are doing business in a devastated economy and the only place that sales and customers gather is outside your comfort zone.  Working outside of your comfort zone is the only way, and I mean the only way to survive in this upside down economy.

Reason Five:  It is beneath me to give away books.  Listen, our Ego is not our Amigo!  Our ego will drive us to the poor house if we are not careful.  I would rather be humble and rich, well fed and well dressed, than be broke with a massive Ego.  As professional speakers and leaders, we have no trouble growing a healthy Ego, in fact, most of the time our trouble comes from uncontrolled massive Ego growth.

Now, let’s bring this home with 5.5 questions.

  • You want to double or triple your income this year Right?  Yes!
  1. Giving away an e-book is easy and painless Right?   Yes, of course.
  2. It cost you absolutely no money to give it away, Right?  Yes.
  3. You do want more sales, customers and clients, Right?  Yes.
  4. You know this is something you can easily do, Right?  Yes.

I will teach you how to easily and quickly put this marketing e-book give away system to double and triple your income and provide you the opportunity to be a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book along with Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many others, so now the 5.5 question to you is “Will you say….Yes to coming on board with us?”

I am not looking to convince, persuade or sell the 97 percent of professionals who say no to our offer, that is called “insanity selling” (which most professionals practice) instead, I am looking for the 3 percent of winners who already exist and are out there ready to double and triple their income with this easy system of giving away an e-book.  If you are one of the 3 percent ready to expand and explode your business and income, contact me today at 562-237-8039 or send an email to and I will show how in less than 10 days you will be published and on your way to using the most powerful customer attraction system on the planet!

“Speak To More People More Often”

What would you do if you got 3 new major speaking events in the next 30 days?

That is exactly what happened to me when I started giving away my e-book, and it can happen for you too!

Based on my experience and your current speaking fees, here are the 5 things that will happen if you land 3 new speaking events in the next 30 days;

  1. You will be so excited you will dash off to the nearest mall and go on a buying spree.
  2. Your creative juices will start to flow and you will create new content, ideas for more products and the positive energy will attract more clients.
  3. You will get so excited and happy you will feel 10 years younger.
  4. Your joy will be unspeakable.
  5. You will love those around you…even the ones you can not stand!

People always want to know how I created a speaking and publishing empire and started working with the top International leaders like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown.

My answer (not secret) is, I started giving away my book (e-book format) for free.  I began using them as my business card on steroids.  They started turning compete strangers into paying customers and loyal clients.

How hard is it to give away your e-book to gain more customers, secure more speaking engagements and increase your income?  It certainly could not be a cost factor because your marketing cost to give it away is free and instantaneously.

Let me share with you one method I use.  When ever I go to any type of meeting or meet someone during my business day, I follow up with a gift, my e-book.  It separates me from everyone else who sends a general email that says; It was nice meeting you, if I can do anything for you…blah, blah, blah.

Plus, I know I have a real legitimate reason to follow up again just to see how they enjoyed the book, which comes across as a non intrusive email drop by.

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Generate a six or seven annual income from your speaking career simply by giving away e-books, it really is that simple.

In closing, as a thank you gift for taking the time to read my email, I attached a report titled 7 secrets from Donald Trump, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Bob Proctor.  Two of these secrets you can start using today to double your speaking income.

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Anyone who said creating a fortune is hard, I guarantee never gave away e-books to grow their business.  Giving away your e-book to grow your business and income is simply…Simple.

My Best,

Don Boyer

How Effective is your Business Card?


As a speaker like any other profession, you need more customers, speaking gigs, and more bottom line profits.  So let me ask you, how many clients, referrals and money can you directly trace back to being results of your business card?

The fact is, business cards and brochures as important as they are when everything is said and done are really poor performers in the area of marketing and generating revenue.  The three major reasons are:

1.Business cards have been used for 100 years and have exhausted its uniqueness.

2.Everybody uses them, and no matter how fancy or how much money you spend on them, it does not make you stand out from the rest of the business cards your competitors are passing out.

3.The fact is, far too many business cards end up in the trash can.

However, there is one type of business card that Never ends up in a trash can, which is really not a business card but a book that functions as a business card on steroids!

Most professionals and even many authors do not understand the many functional uses of a book to generate new business, new customers and fresh revenue.  Most believe that the only function of a book is to create revenue from selling it.  But the truth of the matter is; a book sold brings a few coins to your wallet but a book given away returns Financial Independence.

My personal friend and mentor Bob Proctor taught me this secret of using a book as a lead generator.  He uses it to generate millions of dollars of revenue and every known International speaker/author uses this same system.  I proved this system works by creating the Power of Mentorship book series that now have 220,000 printed copies in the marketplace and a million e-book versions in the marketplace worldwide.

I would like to personally invite you to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book which features Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and many other recognized leaders.  These books convey the top teachings of all these leaders, and would feature your chapter in the book and we will teach you how to both sell the book and more importantly use it as a lead generator.

And the fact is, using the digital format of the book, giving it away as a gift, bonus and lead generator makes your marketing efforts extremely effective with zero cost.  Top that off with the fact that you can put your book into the hands of potential clients instantaneously and globally makes this the most powerful marketing tool on the planet.
Here are 5 major reasons to become a co-author in our upcoming Power of Mentorship book.

It positions you as an expert in your field
It gives you credibility being featured with International leaders
It gives you another product to generate revenue
It becomes your business card on steroids
It is the most effective marketing tool on the planet with zero cost

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Until then, I wish you the best of Success!

Don Boyer
Creator of The Power of Mentorship book series